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    Canham front standard for Arca 141 boards

    When I purchased a Canham Traditional 7 x 17 camera, I already owned an Arca 8x10 and my lenses were mounted in Arca 141mm lens boards. So I had Keith Canham custom machine a Walnut front standard to fit his 8x10 through 7 x 17 cameras, so I could fit my Arca 141mm lens boards. I am selling the camera under another listing, and this listing is for the custom front standard ONLY.

    It is a simple, 5-minute operation to exchange this standard for the original, and then you can use the Arca 141mm lens boards.

    Price: $100.
    Shipping: FREE to APUG Subscribers in the USA (all 50 states). International shipping by arrangement.
    Payment: I will accept either Paypal (as a gift, only), or certified funds such as a Certified Bank Check or USPS Money Order. I will offer a 5% discount for Certified Funds. All payments must be accepted and cleared by my bank prior to shipment.
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