Fingers not quite fast enough? Add 8 AA's worth of Japanese power to your little FE for a very reasonable price! For sale I've got a Nikon MD-12 motor winder for the Nikon FE. It works quite well, and I'm only selling it because I've upgraded to an F2SB, and the MD-2 is, well, pretty amazing. Also because the MD-12 won't fit an F2. That as well.

Anyway, here's the obligatory picture:

Its in fine shape. No dents, dings, cracks, brassing, or battery leaks. Whirrs along just as it should in both Single and Continuous modes.

I'm asking, and hoping for, $30 for this, shipped right to your door, but I'm up for offers as well. Payment via Paypal (+%3 for regular people, fee waived for students like me), MO, or check, which should be drawn on a real bank, from a real bank account, with real money in it. It helps.

Now, off to bed. Back in the morning, and at the iPhone all day long!