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    Kiev 30 + lots of 16mm film

    The Kiev 30 is a copy of the popular Minolta-16 subminiature camera. Think a 110 camera but with proper aperture and shutter speed controls, and you can still get film for it. And it makes you feel like a super-spy...
    Camerapedia has a nice article on it.

    This one comes with the box, 4 reloadable cartridges for film, the camera, manual (in russian), a little case for the camera, and an adapter for 35mm enlargers to hold the 16mm frame of film. A roll of film is about 2ft, and is worth around 25 photos.
    -Including a 215ft roll of Kodak Imagelink HQ Microfilm. That is more than enough to get you started. There's various methods outlined online for using this microfilm to get full tone photos. With more than 100 rolls worth of film in one container, you've got plenty to get the hang of it with.
    I've shot with this camera before and it works a treat. Advances the film fine, shutter speeds seem accurate, it all works.
    -$60AUD including Australian postage. Overseas, contact me.

    More film!
    Kodak Imagelink HQ Microfilm: 16mm, 66m/215ft (No Perforations) - $20AUD + postage - unopened.
    Kodak Vision 3 500T Colour Negative(7219): 16mm, 30.5m/100ft (Single Perforation) - $30AUD + postage - unopened
    Kodak Plus-x Negative film (7231): 16mm, 30.5m/100ft (Single Perforation) - $30AUD + postage - opened, about 4ft missing. Resealed.

    Or take the lot for $120AUD Including postage Australia wide. Nothing wrong with the film or the camera, just another one of those things I have and never use...I've got a bedroom full of things like that.
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