I have 25 4x5 film holders for sale. I'm selling them AS-IS. Feel free to post or pm questions. Here's a description.

4 Fidelity Deluxe in very good or better condition (very light to light wear)
1 Fidelity Elite in very good condition
1 Fidelity Deluxe with plastic tabs over metal slides in good condition (moderate wear)
2 Studio Pro (plastic tabs/metal slide) in very good condition (but, one slide is missing the tab)
4 Lisco Regal in good to very good condition (one with plastic tabs)
6 Fidelity Deluxe in good condition
2 Fidelity Custom in good condition
1 Fidelity Custom with chipped corner
3 Grover Photo (all metal) in good condition
1 Grover Photo (all metal) in good condition but one of the slides has a hole at the bottom

I'm asking $100 for the lot + shipping. I prefer paypal, so I'll cover the fee if you want to pay that way.