Hi, I'm selling Ebony SW 45, bought from RW in England last year in mint condition. It is obvious that it is used, but the sings are very superficial. The only think I would like to mention is an approximately 2mm spot on the one of the folds of the bellows where the the upper, shiny part of the leather is missing. The bellows is light tight, but I need to mention this in the spirit of fair-dealing. The spirit levels are fine. Everything is smooth and tight. The Fresnel lens is new. It is a gem and for me is painfully difficult to let it go. My e-mail.

The price is 1500 USD / 1220 EUR / 1000 GBP or the best offer.
The EMS shipping from Bulgaria will cost 50 USD / 41 EUR / 34 GBP worldwide.
Bank transfer in EU, PayPal elsewhere, shared fees.

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