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    4x5 Format

    FS: Cambo 4x5 Kit with Goodies

    Cambo SCX 4x5 View Camera: Excellent -

    20” monorail, geared rise/fall, shift and focus controls; rotating back with brand new ruled ground glass (not fresnel) accepts roll film back. Body is clean and all controls function smoothly, levels all have fluid, no dents, scratches or brasssing anywhere, bellows excellent and pliable, no leaks.

    Cambo Compendium lens hood: Like New-
    Fully adjustable accepts 5” and smaller gel filters in frames.

    Nikkor 210W: Excellent –
    In Copal #1 shutter, glass is clean, no fungus or oil splash from shutter blades, filter threads perfect. Shutter seems accurate based on film results but has not been bench tested, fires sweet and smooth. The lens board is aluminum and not pretty. Sorry, no lens caps.

    Gel Filters:
    4” Kodak Gel filters, all in Calumet cardboard frames, the area of exposed filter is 3” diameter. All clean and very serviceable; #8, 11, 12, 13, 25, 29, 47, 49, 58, 66, 90. The #90 is a monochrome viewing filter.

    4 Fidelity 4x5 Film Holders: Excellent +

    20 sheets ProVia 100F 4x5 film, brand new stock, in boxes.

    I put this package together based on the following pricing assumptions: camera body $250; lens and board $300; filters and compendium shade $75; film holders $25 for all; film stock $30.

    The conditions ratings I used are based on the KEH system as best I can tell. I do not wish to part out, all or nothing, as the saying goes. $650 for the lot, plus UPS shipping and insurance if you wish. Payment by PayPal “gift” and I send 3% back to our friends at APUG!

    Also available if you want as separate item: Bogen 3035 tripod with 3047 head, vintage 1980: I’m the original owner, no dents anywhere, all smooth except one lower leg section that is a bit sticky on extension. I just cleaned and lubed the head, so it’s nice. Legs fully extended are 5- ½ feet, geared column rise is another 8”. I wrapped two legs with foam tape which makes it nice to throw over your shoulder. It’s ‘gently used’ as they say. Includes a hexagonal tripod plate and screw for the camera mounting. $175.
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