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    Leica M-3 Kit asking $1333 shipped CONUS

    Leica M-3 RangeFinder Camera SN:1078225, single stroke model, with Leica MR Meter (needs a battery?), and Leica 50mm f2 Summicron Lens SN: 1812690, and with Leitz Skylight Filter, original Leica leather case, and instruction manuals.

    See kit here: <http://www.dandeliondigital.com/dandeliondigital/m-3.html> or <http://tinyurl.com/2gyk6uy>

    When I was still shooting film ;-), both camera body and lens were given factory service CLA by Leica and leather coverings on the body were replaced by them, so they are great. Viewfinder is clear and clean. Shutter sounds great. This lens was a great performer. Not sure about the MR Meter. In pricing this outfit, I noted that the lens' inner element has a slight haze which I understand can be cleaned at a cost of $130 from a non-Leica source or for $200, for a Leica Factory complete lens overhaul. So I reduced the price accordingly, and I am asking $1333 OBO shipped CONUS for the outfit. Foreign buyers, including Europe and Asia, and Japan, need to pay for addition shipping charges. Please e-mail me at <tom@dandeliondigital.com>

    FYI, I can accept credit cards, PayPal, USPS Money Order (preferred), or Check with a delay--must clear before I ship.

    Thanks for reading this, and so long for now, TOM
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