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    FS: Adams Retouching Machine

    I bought the Adams Retouching Machine new in 1972 and used it only 2 or 3 times. Retouching was not my forte, for sure. I now have retired and I am selling off some of my studio and darkroom equipment. The machine is in mint condition and I am asking $100.00 plus shipping. I will include the other item in a separate image (lead sharpening machine) and numerous leads and other associated equipment. I am also including a Hamilton Studios retouching course which is a 15 lesson course on negative retouching. Payment by certified check or money order (USA and Canada only). Questions? Please contact: [email]joebesse@aol.com[IMG]C:\Users\Joe Besse\Desktop\Adams#1.jpg[/IMG][IMG]C:\Users\Joe Besse\Desktop\Adams#2.jpg[/IMG][IMG]C:\Users\Joe Besse\Desktop\Adams#3.jpg[/IMG]
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