An unusual 12" f8 projection petzval. That's bad for me, good for you because I don't get to ask the coo coo prices that people are paying for the BIG NAME petzvals on the bay.

This is an odd one to me. It's a 12" f8. Little bitty thing. A 12" f4 is struggling to go on a 6X6 lens board, but this little lens is diminutive. I mounted it on the Kodak 2D and noticed a bit of light leaking in past the collar. That is the reason for the black tape. It's sealing light leaks at the gap between collar and barrel.

It just covered the 8X10 format at infinity with darkened corners, but there. I couldn't get it to swirl at all. It does however have a gorgeous petzval look. Classic tack sharp point in the center with immediate fall off to lovely out of focus bokeh.

The glass is excellent with just a wee bit of balsam separating at the front sandwich.

No flange with this one. How about $155 for him.