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    FS: Two 12x17 print dryers

    Whoo-hoo! In my continuing effort to deGAS, I've realized I can clean out an entire file cabinet drawer, if I get rid of these!

    Up for grabs are two Premier electric print dryers, both marked Model 110, but not identical. One is single-sided, and the other is double-sided, i.e., capable of drying two prints simultaneously. All three drying surfaces are capable of drying an 11x14 print.

    The single-sided one is in very nice condition, the canvas cover could use a cleaniing, but the ferrotype surface is spotless. The double-sided one, alas, has a couple of small (1/8" - 3/16") rust spots on each side. If I were to keep it, I'd take a small dremel sanding disk to the spots and not worry - they're that small.

    I'll price them at $40 each, $75 for the two, plus shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed, as usual - a full refund, less shipping, for any reason whatever. Each of them weighs about 9 lbs., so shipping won't be super cheap, but I don't add any sleazy 'packing/handling' fees.

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