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    Voigtlander LTM->M Adapter, OM Fit 135/2.8, Contax Turret Case, B&W & 16mm Movie Film

    Voigtlander LTM->M adapter. Brings up 135/35 frame lines on an M Leica. Excellent condition. $25 plus shipping

    Prinz Rextar 135/2.8 Telephoto for OM mount SLR. New old stock. Mint with packing and caps. $15 plus shipping

    Original Zeiss Bakelite Case for the Contax Turret finder (Contax Rangefinder System). I believe this is a pre-war item. Good condition. Hard to find! $25 plus shipping

    Filter Book. New, but slightly wrinkled front cover from age. Very comprehensive and well illustrated work - all you need to know about filters. $5 plus shipping

    **SOLD** Six rolls of 35mm B&W film: Three rolls Neopan 100 (36 exposures) and three rolls of T-MAX 3200. The Tmax expired in '97, the Neopan may still be current, but I don't have dating. All this has been frozen for several years. Price for all: $10 plus shipping

    One 16mm 100' daylight load of dual perf Eastman 7252 Ektachrome. I think the dating on this is 6-20-80 (handwritten on it), but I'm not sure. Tungsten balanced at ASA 25 (ASA 16 with a no. 85 and daylight). Frozen for a long time, but no promises. Should at least be good for checking out a Bolex or Filmo (or whatever). Price: $7 plus shipping
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