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    FOR SALE: Mamiya M645 Extension Ring Set

    I have a set of extension rings for Mamiya M645, #1, #2, and #3 for sale. They are, perhaps EX or EX+ grade using KEH scale. Some very minor scuff marks if you look closely. I bought them here on APUG with intention of using it, but I never did.... No case, caps, manuals, boxes, or a free box of steak. Just 3 extension rings in a zip lock bag

    I'd like to get $100 + shipping, please. I prefer payment by check or MO. US only.

    If you are not pleased with this item, I will offer 7 day return period provided the items are returned in identical condition as they left my house. I will refund the purchase price less shipping. You pay shipping both ways.

    Please PM me.
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