This wonderful old camera shows evidence of many campaigns back in the old world.

It came to me from Ireland's emerald shores.

I used it less than a month ago with excellent success. The bellows is getting slightly tired but a simple "Morley Baer Wrap" will render it quite usable for now and future.

It could surely stand a good cleansing! I did a bit of surface clean and wax, but it would benefit from more.

It comes with 2 fine old British Kodak film holders to get you started. It takes 6X6 Kodak 2D lens boards. It's basically a 2D copy but with a sophisticated front tilt mechanism that the US babies never got. I'd like $435 for it even though you can search and find an identical one that sold here within the year for like $850. I don't feel lucky. I'd like to sell it. You pay shipping.[/QUOTE]