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    Cooke lenses. The best of the best. Here are two for sale.

    One is a sweet beauty - and the other a beast that is also quite a beauty.

    Both sharp with beautiful tonality. Both uncoated.
    Think about it. When these lenses were made they were designed and calculated using pencil and paper,
    the glass was hand polished, the brass barrels were hand turned by master craftsmen..
    Quite amazing...

    A. - One = a Cooke lens, f8 - 64, Taylor, Taylor & Hobson WITH a specially machined brass ring that allows this lens to be mounted directly into a #3 shutter.
    Inscription on lens:
    Taylor Taylor & Hobson
    Leicester & London
    No 8718

    Cooke lens
    H.D. Taylor's patents
    Series V
    8 1/2 X 6 1/2 Eq Focus II - I inches

    Asking $495.00 (3% to APUG) - This lens will cover 5x7 easily - not sure about 8X10 - except in close up situations.
    This is a beautiful lens, and the matching specially made (and expensive) adapter for a #3 shutter is equally fine.

    B. - The other = a 16" Taylor - Hobson Cooke Series V B, f10 - f64, Mounted on a Linhof type lens board, ready to be used on any view camera that accepts Linhof Technika boards.
    The barrel on this lens has marks and a couple of flat spots, but the glass is terrific. Uncoated anastigmat - sharp and wonderful tonality!
    Asking $345.00 (3% to APUG)

    I am (reluctantly) selling these lenses because I have decided to only use Sinar DB lenses for use behind my Sinar shutter.
    At my age I need to make it as simple as possible to use my large format cameras...

    PM me or email... I will be back online Sunday afternoon at the latest.

    Per Volquartz
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