This sink is custom made of a white durable plastic (aircraft grade i was told when i bought it used). it measures approx 2.5 ft deep by 10 ft wide. It can accommodate a whole lotta stuff. It has a deeper wash basin on the right side, and has a threaded tap in case you want to plumb in a print washer (or you can just cap it). the splash gaurd on the back is removable thinner material (i forget what) and on the far right is an additional splash guard that you probably wont reuse. The base of the sink i built myself and can be fully disassembled if needed. It has a full length shelf on the bottom and is very sturdy. The sink is at my old place in a room that is now used for storage, so getting go pictures was difficult. Because it is at my old place, i only want to arrange showing it if you are very serious about purchasing. I'm very open to offers as i just need to get rid of it. I'm located in Oakland, CA. Let me know if you have any questions!<p>