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    SOLD - 4x5 Gundlach Criterion

    Sold over on LFF

    have a Gundlach Criterion camera for sale. It originally was a whole plate camera but now has a 4x5 back. From the letter enclosed with the camera, the back was probably custom made by Burke & James for this camera. The back was made in such a way that you might be able to add a 5x7 back without too much trouble.

    The bellows are NEW, max ext. about 16", uses approx 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" lens board so you can mount a decent sized lens on this. There is one lens board included. The front shift was fixed using a non-original part - see nameplate photo.

    I take USPS money orders and Paypal as a 'gift' or all fees to the buyer.

    $215 shipped (priority or parcel post, my choice) in the USA. It might fit in an International large flat rate box for overseas, and that costs about $55, I think, to ship. Always happy to consider trades.

    % to APUG if sold here.

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