Hi, all -

I bought this camera and CLA'd it a while ago. Film tested, and set aside. You see, the camera works nicely. But it needs a new skin. The existing leatherette is bad. But everything else is good.

This is a MIOJ-vintage I rangefinder with the Hexar lens, which is in fantastic condition. Shutter's been CLA'd and is working well. Rangefinder's accurate. Advance and counter are working correctly. All good.

Some images from the test roll:

Like I said, though, it needs a new cover. Sheets of leatherette are available from cameraleather.com for as little as $12 or so, though a pre-cut kit for this camera isn't available. But it's not a difficault camera to cut new pieces for. Or, if you're not concerned with appearances, shoot it as-is. Either way, I need it gone. And since it's ugly, I'm selling it cheap. $65 plus shipping, PayPal only.