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    Canon 7S Rangefinder & 50mm f/1.2

    Body in excellent condition, aside from some light marks on the bottom and a very slight depression near the 7s marking it looks terrific, even those are very light. The rangefinder is bright and accurate, the meter has been tested and works great and the shutter speeds sound good. There are a couple of very light kinks in the shutter but these are absolutely minimal and don't affect actual usage. Film advance smooth. Overall a great example of this terrific camera. - $400

    Lens is also in great shape. Barrel has some very light wear but focus is smooth, aperture blades are clean and click into place nicely. Glass is in excellent shape, there is one extremely light mark in the very center of the front element coating from someone (not me!) mounting a filter which was too shallow for the protruding front element. This is very light and not noticeable unless you're looking for it. There's also a tiny fleck of what appears to be paint or something similar on the outer edge of the front element, this is about the size of a pin point and doesn't seem to want to come off. Otherwise there's a few specks of dust inside but no haze, fungus or cleaning marks. Will ship with a Leica M adapter. $550

    Seven day inspection period on both items, shipping on returns paid by buyer.

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    pm and email sent Giles.
    Sam H.



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