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    Vintage Alpine Print - $15 - Early Color - Check Out that Paper Surface!

    Have a gander at this relatively early color print of the Grand Combin mountain in the western Pennine Alps in Switzerland, near Verbier. This would add a touch of vintage Alpine flavor to any setting. Size is a generous 11 x 14 inches (27x35 cm). At first blush the print appears to be a black and white print, but it is in fact a color print that richly (rather too richly, perhaps) captures the UV saturation at these altitudes of 10,000 plus feet. Print condition is simply excellent. There are no creases, stains, etc. Both matting and mounting are truly hideous. I am showing the good the bad and the ugly here. You will definitely want to lose the matte on this one. Also, please see the slight fading that is revealed once the matte is lifted off. Obviously it will be covered back up once rematted, but full disclosure is always nice. Now, to the point. If you look at the last photo, you will see the really over-the-top texture of the photo paper. It screams something - 1950's I think but maybe some of the more ancient APUGers can ID this surface for sure. Buyer pays only actual shipping. Enjoy!
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