1. Fujinon W 135mm 5.6 in silver Copal 0 shutter. The glass is pristine, and the shutter sounds correct. Generic caps. $200, including EMS shipping.

2. Fujinar-W 15cm f6.3 in Seiko MXV shutter. This is a tiny lens with a 40.5mm filter size, and should fit inside a closed field camera. A few small scratches on the rear elements, and a couple on the front. The shutter sounds good. No caps, but it will be well protected during shipping. $125, including EMS shipping.

3. Another Fujinar-W 15cm f6.3 in Seiko SLV shutter. Again, in similar condition, with a couple of scraches on the rear and front. The shutter sounds slightly slow at speeds longer than 1/8s. No caps. $125, including EMS shipping.

4. Fujinon W 180mm f5.6 in silver Copal 1 shutter. Both glass and shutter are in excellent shape. Front cap is Schneider. $225, including EMS shipping.

5. Fujinon W 210mm f5.6 lens in silver Copal 1 shutter. Both glass and shutter are in top condition. Original caps. $225, including EMS shipping.

Email through the forum works best, since PM's sometimes remain undelivered. Payment through Paypal.

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