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    FS: Schneider 8-1/4 Inch Gold Dot Dagor - Mint

    Schneider 8-1/4" f/6.8 Gold Dot Dagor in excellent to mint condition. Lens is in a Copal 1 shutter, older version with the silver aperture ring. Shutter shows relatively minor wear from use, all speeds fire and sound accurate. Lens glass is pristine in every way, no chips, scratches, cleaning marks, haze, fungus - nothing, it's beautiful. The one less than ideal thing with the lens is the rear lens cap which has cracked and taped back together, easily remedied with a new cap.

    Two of these have gone on Ebay for $1100+ over the last few months - asking $1000 including US priority shipping and one half of the Paypal fees. Postage at actual price for overseas shipping. I've got no doubt that you'll be happy with the condition - money back if you feel it's not as described.
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