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    FS 4X5 Linhof III Ver 5 - 203mm Ektar - 6X9 Rolex Back

    This is a Linhof III Ver 5 with a 203mm f7.7 Ektar (Mount 370) in synchro computer with a 6X9 Linhof Rolex back. All camera functions work and lock down tightly. Bellows are light tight and I have had no problems - I also ran the flash light test and could see no leaks. Leather is not in the best shape but it is cosmetic - there is a kit to replace the leather but I never go to round to it. Ektar glass is in good condition with a few cleaning wisps and the usual dust specks. Shutter fires on all speeds and from exposures I have made is accurate. Aperture and shutter blades open and close smoothly and are oil free. The Ektar is the European version called mount 370 and designed to fit in a synschro computer shutter and NOT the usual Supermatic. The aperture markings on the shutter barrel are from f5.6 and I have covered these markings with the correct markings from f7.7 up. Rolex 6X9 120 roll film back functions perfectly. Groundglass is in good shape and includes the fresnel. Great outfit for 4X5 with the added advantage of roll film.
    $450 OBO plus $25 shipping to continental USA and Canada plus Paypal fees.
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