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    Minolta XE-7, 50/1.4, Viv S1 19-35mm, Bellows, Film - $175 SHIPPED

    Minolta Xe-7 - speeds good, meter good, no light leaks, etc. Cosmetics are not great but functions perfectly. Includes at least one copy of the owner's manual, because I have no clue why I have two or where the other one is.

    Rokkor 50/1.4, great shape, great lens. Includes front cap.

    Vivitar Series 1 19-35mm 3.5-4.5 - Purchased recently, has had UV filter (not included) on the whole time. Looks and functions perfect. Includes front and back caps, and hood.

    Lentar Bellows - does what it's supposed to. Unused since I got it. Looks new. It's a glassless bellows (do bellows with glass even exist?) but the light caught a weird shape.

    12 or 13 rolls of Legacy Pro (Neopan) from the freezer. Probably half and half 100/400.

    Looking for $175 shipped in the US, will ship elsewhere if you'll cover it. Trying not to break up the lot if I can avoid it. The two lenses are worth the $175 easily, as the Vivitar still sells for $120 new any day of the week. This has got to be a $250 deal once you include the 50/1.4, body which is a beater but absolutely 100% functional, the bellows, and the film.
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