Thinning out the herd. Here goes another collectible

YASHICA MG-1 rangefinder

No light leaks. Light meter indicator lights work 100%. I have run a few test rolls through this camera and it worked fine.

There are some minor scuff marks on the lens barrel housing. It was like that when I got this camera. They are cosmetic and do not affect the camera operation.

The rangefinder works great, alignment seems 100% spot-on to me.

This is a camera designed for mercury cells. I have installed alkaline batteries in this baby, so the ISO readings will be a little off. It is easy to compensate by checking with a properly-calibrated light meter or camera, and adjust the Yashica ISO dial accordingly. Alternately, you could search out some zinc-air cells.

Price $40 USD + shipping to USA or Canada. International shipping, please ask. PayPal only.