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    Nikon 300mm f/2.8

    Nikon 300mm f/2.8 ED Ai lens. Overall the lens is in good condition. The exterior has some cosmetic wear, about average for a working lens. Some minor marks in the paint, a bit of brassing on a few edges but no major wear or damage. The optics are in great shape. There are a few specks of dust inside but they're small and will not affect your image. On the front element there are a few tiny dots in the coating. I'm not sure how to classify these, they're not cleaning marks and certainly not scratches but rather just extremely small spots you can see if you look at the lens under a harsh light and at an angle. About the size of the sharp point of a pin. These will certainly not affect your image and you have to look to see them. The focus helical was just cleaned and is smooth and the aperture clicks nicely. The metering fork has been removed. This was only used for the F, F2 and Nikkormat cameras so if you have a newer camera you won't be affected. This is an AI lens, not Ais and not autofocus.. Also included are a UV, NDx4 and Yellow Filter which are drop ins at the rear of the lens. There is no front lens cap but the glass will be well protected for shipping


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