This is the one you've been dreaming about for your 4X5! 6" f3.8 Darlot Petzval!

This one is also featured in Dan's wonderful 1890 Benjamin French & Co. Catalogue.

This was probably originally one of 4 identical lenses that made 4 carte-de-visite images on the full plate. Today it will make one spectacular image on your 4X5

Apertures are for sissy's. There is none. Solves hours of dilemma's worrying about which aperture to choose. Brilliant.

The 'tube' is about 51mm wide so a good candidate for a #4 Ilex or #3 Copal if you're a sissy, but then you'll have that bothersome aperture. Me, I'd bore a tight fitting hole in a wood lens board, stab it in, and finish with a bit of black gaffer's tape. Remember, it's the pictures that are supposed to be fancy, not the lens. $185 + shipping