This is a gorgeous antique. It comes just as found with it's 5 3/4" Century / Eastman lens board complete with Packard Shutter installed at the back. The Packard works perfectly btw.

The engraving on this is primitive and beautiful. It says; Extra Rapid Rectilinear, Eq. F 13 No. 5 8X10, Manhattan Optical Co. of NY, Cresskill, N.J.

This would I'm sure, cover 11X14 stopped down, but as it is just now, the Packard Shutter would limit the angle, so that it would vignette first. The packard has a home made piece that must have been for sliding in a filter?

Glass is gorgeous. Very slight balsam bubbles at the front. Pictures show it. I never got to use it. It has been languishing in a box upstairs and I had forgotten about it until a day or 2 ago.

Aperture works smoothly. Old style US scale. f8 - f64 if converted to our modern equivalent. $285. + shipping