I can't keep up with the latest Velostigmat craziness at Ebay.

This one came to me on a lovely old Kodak 2D 5X7 outfit and it looks as if it has spent most of it's life in a time warp, in a case, in mid California. It just doesn't show much signs of ever being used.

As expected the shutter was balky from it's 90 year sleep. That has been resolved and now this looks and runs like it did in 1920. It's in gorgeous shape and ready to use.

The big $$$ price setter Velo's on Ebay are the ones with the de-focus control on the front ring. The smaller ones don't have that. What they do share with their larger brothers is a silky smooth - sharp gentle contrast look that will challenge the more expensive (then and now) Heliar's that were it's competition.

This is a perfect choice for 4X5 portraiture. It covers 5X7 easily. $285 shipped in USA.