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    FS: 10" Petzval w/shutter adapter and more

    This is the most versatile and flexible Petzval you're likely to ever see. You can shoot with it in the barrel or mount it into a shutter; you can shoot with either the front or rear cell separately; you can separate the rear cell elements and remount them at different distances in the barrel. Please rear the description carefully.

    I started making adapters for this lens because of various discussions here and on the LF forum. I've posted some photos taken with this lens over on the LF forum (e.g., this thread, and this one). These are all scanned 8x10's. The lens just about covers 8x10; some of the example photos at distance show some vignetting on the top, but I hadn't paid a lot of attention on centering the front standard. It certainly covers 8x10 at portrait distance, and any smaller format.

    The lens has no maker's mark on it, but I can tell from the machining that it was well made. The focal length is about 250mm/10 inch. The aperture is about 55mm, which makes it roughly f/4.5. I never got around to making any waterhouse stops for it; sorry. The glass is quite good, with the exception of a small (2-3mm) scratch on one of the elements in the rear cell. The scratch is insignificant, as can be seen from the example photos. The lens comes with a mounting flange, and is mounted on a 6x6 Deardorff (rounded corners) lensboard, and has it's original brass lenshade.

    So what's this lens got that you can't get elsewhere? A lot of spare parts that I made for it:

    A set of adapters to mount the front and rear cells into an Ilex 5 shutter (NOT included, of course)
    A spare rear cell casing, so you can mount one of the rear elements in the front while keeping the other in the rear
    An adapter to mount 77mm filters onto the front cell
    Delrin lenscaps for the front and rear cells
    A set of spacers rings, so you can vary the spacing between the rear two elements
    The ability to detach the front cell, leaving the rear cell mounted on the flange
    (The rear cell in a Petzval can be used alone)
    A Delrin waterhouse stop (f/45?) for use when shooting with only the rear cell

    Here are some photos of the various parts included in this offering:

    First, the original lens in the original barrel. Those are the Delrin lenscaps and the filter adapter.

    The next photo shows a feature of this lens that intrigued me enough to buy it - the front half of the barrel unscrews from the rear half. This leaves the rear cell still mounted on the lensboard. See the thread mentioned above for photo examples. Also shown is the Delrin waterhouse stop that I made for shooting with the rear cell only in the barrel.

    This photo shows the spacer rings that I used to vary the spacing between the elements in the rear cell.

    In the rear of the last photo is a set of adapters for mounting the front and rear cells in an Ilex 5 shutter. Almost all of the photos in the abovementioned threads were taken with the cells mounted in a shutter. Would you like to use a Petzval with a flash?
    Also shown in this photo is a cell casing into which the rear elements will fit. Additionally, there's a fairly useless (but too nicely made to throw out) 1/2 inch brass barrel extender. Based on something I read somewhere, I wanted to play around with altering the length of the barrel. There's an example photo in the abovementioned thread.

    Here's one of the lens mounted in an Ilex 5:

    Salivating, yet? Think of all the possibilities: you could mount one of the rear elements in the spare casing and put it onto the front of the shortened barrel, while leaving the other element in the rear. I never tried that. Will it work? I don't know. If you try the flint in front and crown in back and don't like it, try the crown in front. Still don't like the result? Try putting the 1/2" barrel spacer in there. Endless hours of fun available to you!

    So, OK, you're curious as to what you, a good photographer, could do with all this stuff, now that you've seen what I, a crappy photog, have done. What's it gonna cost you to find out? How does $500 + shipping+insurance sound? Pretty doggone cheap to me, considering all the machining you'd have to pay for if you wanted this stuff done for any other lens. I suppose I could get more on eBay, but who wants to deal with strangers. I'd be satisfied at that level, and I'd hope the buyer feels like he got a bargain.

    Satisfaction guaranteed, i.e., full refund if you pay for the shpping back to me. Paypal's OK. Overseas buyers should be aware that shipping could be expensive, as I would only ship this via a method requiring a signature on delivery.

    $$$ to the apes, of course.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Petzval-#1a.jpg   Petzval-#2a.jpg   Petzval-#3a.jpg   Petzval-#4a.jpg  

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    Just a little bump for the weekend. Thanks for looking.




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