hey all,

1st, THIS TENT IS IN VERY ROUGH CONDITION. Just need to make that known 1st-hand. Its starting to de-laminate, and the silver cloth is slightly tacky at times. Dust and anything light floating in the air seems to be attracted to it. However, its still totally light-tight and works totally fine.

This is the "original" tent, 36" long at the bottom. Its perfect for 4x5 or 5x7 holders(I've downloaded or re-loaded up to 25 4x5 holders at a time in this btw, tight fit, but possible). Since I'm using 8x10 primarily now, I've upgraded to the jumbo-sized tent.

I'm the 2nd owner of this fantastic little tent, but you can happily be the 3rd! The tent is 100% light tight(no, I haven't wasted the time leaving a sheet of film in there in the 100degree LA-sun for 6hrs to check, but I've used it on location in full broad-ass sunlight on rooftops and the beach to change film magazines(16mm/35mm) on location(assisting), opening jammed film backs, and unloading/re-loading sheet film holders(my own primarily, as well as other photogs I've assisted), and I've never had a problem with fogged film at all. The poles are the original ones, and the shock cord is still nice and elastic, despite heavy use over the past few years. I spray painted my name on the tent itself in green paint(which is starting to wear), as well as on the stuff-bag(included). This was due to multiple assistants(and lots of other people I didn't know personally) being on sets simultaneously, and things seem to "grow legs and walk away", so I inscribed it with my name to prohibit that happening.

price you say?: $85 SHIPPED in the USA, int'l please PM for a shipping quote to your location

paypal is preferred, but I'll gladly take a PMO as well.