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    Leitz V35 color enlarger

    Well, 3 enlargers in one darkroom is one too many. I have a Leitz V35 with a color module that works great. If all you do is 35mm, it is the best enlarger ever made....period. The focotar 40mm f2.8 lens is in great shape and the autofocus feature is also very convenient. The enlarger comes with both oversize and regular negative holders and a spare bulb. The only problem is one of the two levers to lift the head off the negative holder is broken. I haven't bothered to replace it, but I certainly could have. I will also include a parts enlarger that has those levers and much more....it is mostly complete except one side casting, the lens and color/vc module. Pretty much all the 35mm images I have in the gallery were made on this enlarger. Now the bad news.....I am not at all willing to ship this beast at this point. I'm in the Chicago area and I'd like $400 for the whole thing. Photos on request. I'd consider trades (plus cash maybe) for a beater M2/3 Leica, screw mount rangefinder lenses, or a Rollei TLR
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