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    Hasselbald Xpan I cw 45mm and Centre Filter, Mint Nikon SW 90 f8

    Hasselblad Xpan I with 45mm, hood, CENTRE filter ***** GBP 875. This camera is close to if not MINT with one exception. On the side of the camera is a small plastic (cosmetic) body/skin panel that butts up against the strap lug. There is a tiny, and by this I mean you would prob not notice this if I did not tell you, hairline crack that is likely due to the plastic plate not being aligned perfectly and flex from the strap lug applying pressure to the corner. It is very hard to see (I have made it as visible as possible in the photo by side lighting it and boosting contrast), has no affect on light tightness (it is a superficial 'body' panel). The cameras is otherwise virtually flawless. No paint chips which is pretty rare with this camera and it has had about 30 or so rolls of film through it! The panoramic/normal selector moves smoothly and readily and overall the camera is in amazing condition. I bought this camera for a specific project and am now selling it. Its built like a tank and wonderfully constructed. Makes a Zeiss Ikon feel like a toy and actually feels more solid than my Leica M6. Lens is tack sharp and has beautiful tones in B&W.

    Nikon 90mm SW f8, Copal 0. Mint condition, caps, perfect optics and accurate shutter. ***** GBP 260

    I would very much prefer to sell these within the UK but international bids will be considered. Payment would be by bank transfer. No paypal please (for lots of reasons). My ebay ID is tomishakishi. I have 100% Positive feedback and have done many happy transactions on apug, RFF, ebay and elsewhere.

    Please, please, please, only discuss purchasing these items if you are willing and able to pay for them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 90sw1.jpg   xpan front.jpg   xpanbase.jpg   haircrack.jpg   xpan top.jpg  

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    I can back up Tom's comments on the quality of both this body and the specific lens. I have the Xpan I and absolutely love it...quite easily the sharpest lens I own, as evidenced by many prints and blowing up images 11x14 and beyond.
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    Hi, I would be interested to buy the Xpan. I will send you a pm. Best regards



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