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    Mint Mamiya 7 43mm and Viewfinder, hood, caps etc

    **** 800 GBP

    This lens is mint and just like new. Glass perfect, body free of marks and good to go in all respects. If you are looking for one of these, you would be silly to buy a new one. I have found this just too wide for me and I'm not using it. Performance is spectacular!

    Comes with caps, hood, viewfinder.

    I would very much prefer to sell within the UK but international bids will be considered. Payment would be by bank transfer. No paypal please (for lots of reasons).

    My ebay ID is tomishakishi. I have 100% Positive feedback and have done many happy transactions on apug, RFF, ebay and elsewhere.

    Please, please, please, only discuss purchasing these items if you are willing and able to pay for them.
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