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    Mint as new Leica MP 0.58 Silver Chrome

    MINT Silver Chrome Leica MP 0.58: *****GBP 1900. Flawless cosmetically and operationally - might as well be new. I have a Leica M box somewhere and it comes with body cap, strap etc. Amazing body for glasses of WA users. 28mm lines are great and the entire VF (looking straight thru with no need to search out the corners) works perfectly for a 24mm lens. This is without question the best Leica I have ever owned.

    I am selling it because I will be buying a Leica M9 and will retain a 0.72 film body. Seeing as the M9 is not available in 0.58 I want to ensure I mirror the film and digital cameras in terms of VF, lenses and hotshoe finders so I work identically with both bodies. Yes, I am going to handicap myself on purpose, but in the interest of continuity and bringing in some money to pay for exhibition prints (quite a few of which were shot with this body and a 24 lux welded to the front!

    I would very much prefer to sell within the UK but international bids will be considered.

    Payment would be by bank transfer. No paypal please (for lots of reasons).

    My ebay ID is tomishakishi. I have 100% Positive feedback and have done many happy transactions on apug, RFF, ebay and elsewhere.

    Please, please, please, only discuss purchasing these items if you are willing and able to actually pay for them.
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    Hi Tom,

    Is your MP 0.58 still available?


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    Apr 2011

    If this M7 0.58 is gone....

    I am about to sell mine in Black Chrome
    I am at exu at aol - e me if you are interested



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