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    FS Large Leedal Stainless Steel Darkroom Sink, Fiberglass Sink, Deep Wash Tubs Trays

    Selling the following from a Studio Darkroom of a friend that has not been used in 30 years. So while there is some wear as the studio was active at the time the sinks are in good shape.

    1- Large Leedal Stainless Steel darkroom sink 10' x 35" and 10" deep. Has Leedal steel stand as well. In good condition. Asking $950

    1- Fiberglass sink 75" x 29" on nice wood stand. good condition. Asking $400

    2 - Stainless Steel 23.5" Diameter circular print wash tubs with 5/8" hose nipple and 3 - 3/4" drain holes.

    1- Rectangular stainless steel wash tub (no drains) 31" x 21" x 6" deep.

    1- Rectangular stainless steel wash tub (no drains) 22" x 18" x 6" deep.

    Enamel trays
    1- 16x20
    2- 14x17
    4- 11x14
    1- 10x12
    3- 8.5x11

    Black Hard Rubber Trays
    1- 18x22
    1- 11x14

    Cescolite Trays
    1- 20x24
    1- 11x14

    Local Pickup in Chicago Only.
    See the photos I attached and email me for more photos.
    Call or email with questions and to discuss reasonable prices.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCF2542.jpg   DSCF2545.jpg   DSCF2496.jpg   DSCF2490.jpg  



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