That title was a mouthful. Here's a 210mm Schneider G-Claron.

Shutter is perfecto. Glass surfaces are great......but......

Somewhere in it's Graphic Arts life, someone has rubbed a bunch of the coating on the front element off.

Believe it or not that sounds a lot worse than it is. I doubt this lens has lost 5% of it's contrast, and they had plenty to begin with.

I'm so confident that this lens will thrill you with it's performance, I'll offer a money back guarantee after you've used it for images and still aren't happy. Even with the good guarantee, the price reflects the damage.

These 210's have 370mm of coverage. That gives you a bit more than an inch to wiggle around in on an 8X10. This will be the cheapest and best 8X10 lens you ever bought at $225 + shipping. The 150 in the bottom picture is in another sale.