Someone will really have some fun with this! Cake and eat it too.

A 120 year old brass lens in a modern trouble free shutter! All speeds and aperture settings are correct.

Here's the fine print. There is no inscription what-so-ever on this lens. The only clue is the word 'Front' on the front group. Bausch & Lomb used to do that fairly commonly.

Glass is really really nice for it's age. No problems. A little scuff on the front from long ago. Nothing that will cut into contrast at all. Contrast is where these shine. 4 glasses in 2 groups means only 4 air - glass interfaces so very little loss to flare.

This was Bausch & Lombs competitor with Wollensak's Versar. Versar is also an f6 Extra Rapid RR. I didn't do the pictures here with this lens, but I could do identical work with this. Same design. Better shutter by far. This is a dream portrait lens on a 5X7.

$525 is a steal for this as most of that is in the shutter! Add shipping please.