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Thread: Rollei 35S CLA

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    Rollei 35S CLA

    I am selling a Rollei 35S fresh from the shop with a CLA to good working order. This camera features the Sonnar 40mm F2.8, one of the finest lenses on the planet in my opinion. Included is a B+W clear filter which I think is a haze or UV filter (I'll try to look it up) and an original leather case.

    The camera is in very good condition. The lens glass is clear, scratch free, and clean. The iris is clean. The meter is accurate (it uses the common alkaline PX625 battery - not included). The camera has some brassing here and there. The filer is in good condition. The case works fine, but the little grip on the zipper is missing. I am including a photo copy of the CLA receipt.

    This is smallest highest quality 35mm manual camera made and it delivers images of stunning quality (if you've not used one yet, prepare to be amazed).

    Price: $230 plus insured shipping. I prefer payment by bank check, money order, or personal check.
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