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    Two DVD's...Kertesz and Eggleston...$24.00...

    Andre Kertesz, Masters of Photography...30 mins..."...ranging over much of his work, this unique documentary presents Kertesz in his own words." Produced in 1978, with production values of that era (unfortunately) and Mr. Kertesz's heavy accent...but to hear this master photographer's own words on his own work makes it worthwhile.

    William Eggleston, Photographer...27 mins..."...documents how Eggleston came to develop his technique" Produced in 2008. I enjoyed this DVD very much...also in his own words. Toward the end of the film, the camera follows him as he photographs various subjects, and what amazed me was his manner of leaning toward the subject, bringing the 35mm rangefinder up toward his eye, and immediately releasing the shutter--almost as if he didn't even look through the viewfinder. He seems to see exactly what will be in the frame before the camera comes up (notice both eyes open on the cover photo)

    Both films for $24.00 plus USA postage (10 ounces).
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