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    RECORDAK MEB Point Light Source Enlarger

    I have a complete working enlarger but I don't want to have to pack the whole thing and ship it. I live near Rochester, NY if you want to pick it up. If you have a use for the assembly that has the light source, condensers, film stage, and lens let me know. I also have 3 lamps. Description is below:

    Unusual enlarger: RECORDAK Microfilm MEB Enlarger

    This is a 35mm full frame, point light source, over-sized condenser enlarger. The combination of these elements sharpens image edges and gives good illumination uniformity. The intended use is high resolution enlargements from microfilm.

    Film is held between glass flats.

    Over-sized condenser provides outstanding illumination uniformity.

    I have made super sharp high magnification prints using this enlarger.

    Built-in rheostat to control image brightness.

    Focus is by means of a cord that drives a pulley so the enlarger can be very high and user can see image on enlarger easel. The lens is stationary and the negative stage moves smoothly up and down to maintain parallel lens and negative stage.

    3 ½ diameter condensers

    63mm f 4.5 lens

    Glass is clear and clean.

    $75 including shipping to USA address
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