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    FS - Some Photo Books

    While looking for a book to loan someone, I ran across these and don't refer to them much, if ever, so out they go. I thought most of these would go in a flat-rate envelope but, of course, they are just slightly too big. So, except for the Daybooks, I'm grouping them into a medium flat-rate box. All are paperback in decent condition.

    Prices are for the group. Postage goes to me, Haiti money goes to Jim Galli for his collection to donate.

    Group 1:
    Daybooks of Edward Weston, ISBN - 0-89381-445-8, paperback in decent condition. Aperture; contains Mexico & California $15 donation to Haiti Relief + $8 shipping

    SOLD Group 2:
    *) Carson Graves The Elements of Black-And-White Printing (Going Beyond Darkroom Basics), Second Edition
    *) Creative Black & White Photography, Les McLean, 2002
    *) John Blakemore's Black and White Photography Workshop, 2005
    $10.50 shipping + $15 donation to Haiti Relief

    Group 3:
    *) Light & Science Magic, Second edition, Hunter Fuqua
    *) The Business of Portrait Photography, Revised edition, Tom McDonald, 2002
    *) Achieving the Ultimate Image, Ernst Wildi, 1998
    *) The Art of Photographic Lighting, Michael Busselle, 1993., reprinted 1995
    $10.50 shipping + ? donation to Haiti Relief (pay what you want)

    PM or EMAIL me to buy them
    . Don't post here or I won't see it. These will be on both APUG and LFPF
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