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    FS: Nikon N80-QD for sale. US ONLY.

    I have a Nikon N80-QD for sale. This is the N80 with Quartz Date back. I bought this from KEH in LN condition and used it few times before upgrading to F-100. It comes with the factory box, manuals and paper work, body cap, and the little thing that covers the view finder while using self-timer. It even has the "do not touch shutter" plastic cover inside the film compartment. (I put it back) As far as I can tell, everything that Nikon sent out in a factory fresh box is there. Warranty paper work is there too but obviously, it is way out of warranty. There is no strap as it didn't come with it when I bought this body.

    The current condition is LN-. I do not see any scratch or blemish anywhere but I did use it few times, so I'm going to take it down one notch. Everything works as it should. It looks and works as new.

    I'd like to get $60 for this plus actual shipping. US only please. I'll allow 7 day inspection period. If not happy for ANY reason, I'll take it back within 7 days provided it is undamaged and everything is there. But you pay for shipping both ways. 7 days start from the day tracking says it was delivered and ends when tracking says the camera body was sent back.

    PLEASE PM ME if you have any questions or want to buy this. Paypal payment is requested. No need to pay as "gift".

    I'll be glad to send pictures but it looks new and I'm assuming everybody knows what N80 looks like....
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    Develop, stop, fix.... wait.... where's my film?



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