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    Contax TVS in Display Box

    Hello all,
    I recently bought a Contax TVS from KEH along with some other things and ended up with several high-end point and shoot cameras. This one is one of my favorites, but is the largest of the bundle and is going to have to go. I'm past the 14 day return policy at KEH because I was on my honeymoon so I'm unable to return it.

    Included is the camera (KEH EX condition), hood (KEH EX condition), slip-on lens cap (purchased separately, EX condition), carrying case (pretty rough, but is included), strap and a copy of the instruction manual.

    This isn't the original manual, but one I purchased from eBay. It's bound with a plastic spine and is pretty nice, really. I also have the box for the lens hood, but I just leave the lens hood on the camera so I can use the cap that I purchased.

    I'm asking $200 with shipping and PayPal which is what I paid for the camera and hood. I paid extra for the manual and the cap. I'm also including a fresh battery that I purchased about 2 weeks ago. I did shoot some film with this on my honeymoon, but have yet to get the results back from Dwayne's. I shot a test roll before I left and it works as it should.

    The viewfinder reads easily enough for me, but then again, the Leica Minilux viewfinder was fine for me, too.

    Please PM or email me (matthewjmorse@gmail.com) with questions or offers. In trade, I'd consider a nice Fuji GA645 plus cash from me or a Contax G1 w/ 45mm lens plus cash from me.

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