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    FS: Bilora Motorama 1500

    Here's something neat. Just put in a 1.5v battery and it rotates the top a full 360 degrees in something like 10 minutes. I didn't time it, but it moves slowly.

    This will give you the even-speed rotation you need for slit panoramas. It even has a bubble level.

    This one is semi-broken. It is missing the on/off buttons. So when you put in a battery it just keeps on turning. There are three options as I see it: (a) You may be able to life with that if your shutter is of the Galli type. Just drop a cover over your lens and remove the battery. Or you could (b) get the buttons from Germany (I hope it doesn't require any more than that), or (c) take the wires from the motor and add your own external switch. (a) and (c) look like the best options. Use your focusing cloth over the camera or rewire the motor to another switch.

    Oh, and don't put in a cheapie AA battery. The battery compartment was made with no room to spare and cheap batteries tend to be fat. They get stuck. It's a pain to remove them. Also, probably not good to use NiCd or NiMH. Probably not good for the motor. Stick with Alkaline.

    $50 shipped (US).
    $75 and I will add an external switch for you.
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