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    Archival Print Washer - Nova 16" x 12" - $250

    This Nova Academy II Archival Print Washer provides 10 individual slots for washing of fiber base prints. In addition it has a separate two slot tank designed to hold hypo clearing agent. This eliminates the need for a separate tray for hypo clearing agent. The washer can be placed in a sink with water flowing out of the outlet or it can be outside the sink using the included hose to move water to a drain. Separate spigots allow easy draining of wash and hypo clear tanks.

    Condition of this unit is essentially new. I set it up once just to see how it would work with plain water but it has never had any chemicals in it. All original parts are included along with the original instructions and the original box.

    If you need an archival washer for 8" X 10" and 11" X 14" prints this is one of the best units made. No longer marketed in the US but still sold in the UK.

    I am looking for a local pickup in the south SF Bay Area because cost of packaging and shipping.
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    The hypo-clear tank is very clever. I wish other washers had included the same feature!




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