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    FS: Schneider Xenar 210/6.1

    For sale is a Schneider Xenar 210mm f/6.1 lens in a Copal #1 shutter.

    This is a great lightweight lens for 4x5 and 5x7. I bought it to use as a portrait lens on my Crown Graphic (it folds up inside just fine), but now have another lens in this focal length.

    Also see the specifications.

    I bought the lens last as New Old Stock from a dealer, and it is in pristine condition except for some very fine haze, which you can only see by shining a flashlight into the lens. My guess is that this occurred as the lens was sitting on a shelf for many years unused. I'd be surprised if the haze had any effect on image quality.

    I'm discounting the lens significantly due to the haze, and note that a new Copal #1 shutter alone would be $325 USD, and the shutter in this is like new.

    The asking price is $275.50 USD.

    Shipping within Australia is included in the price, and a flat $50 elsewhere, sent via Aust. Post ECI. Payment via paypal, and shipping to confirmed paypal address only.

    I have 100% feedback on ebay as jamesm2785.

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    lens board


    I wonder if you could get a lens board for a Pacemaker Speed Graphic and throw it into the deal....Thanks

    pls reply to: ronn.aldaman@gmail.com



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