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    The Art of Handpainting Photographs

    This book The Art of Handpainting Photographs" by Dorskind is a comprehensive text on the techniques methods used to handpaint photographs. It is a complete guide with cover to cover illustrations and instructions that wil give you the ability to create one of a kind artistic images...

    This is a bueatiful technique.

    Nice tight copy in good shape...Softback 144 pages 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 Amphoto book.

    Price $20 Shipping $4 Lower 48 states..... I will ship overseas for $14 uninsured by USPS in a flat rate envelope.

    As with every thing I sell this is sold AS IS, as described.

    John Cremati johnjohnc@att.net My email is my Pay Pal address.
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