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    I could not get into APUG for the better part of a day, but a similar thing was happening with Ryuji Suzuki's site. It didn't help to cut and paste and the URL that took the place of APUG was not the same as the one that took the place of Ryuji's. Unblinkingeye was OK and so were all my other customary places. Ryuji's site cleared up first, then APUG.

    I was a NASA Aerospace Research Engineer ( they decided not to call us Aero Space Scientists because of the acronym ) but retired before desktop computers were available. The mainframe at Langley Research Center was an IBM 7090, which had a mean time between failures of 80 hours. Some complicated aerodynamic calculations took longer than that. Just before I retired, they got a Cray something or other that could even run our simulator hardware. Last time I visited my old cell mates, they each had desktop terminals.

    My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 IV on which I learned Basic and a little bit of down-to-the metal coding, but the language you system programmers use is well out of my league. My first thought was that the bad guys had found my computer.
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    Just testing to see if I can post messages yet.

    Good. Last night I logged on to the message '148144 New Posts since your last visit'. Then when I clicked the new posts link I got 'Sorry you can't do more than one search every 10 seconds'. Then when I tried to post a message here about it I got 'You cannot post more than one message every 30 seconds'. In the end I gave up.

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    Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis is beatha, do chéal déanaimh.

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