Hi all, I haven't posted an announcement in a while. For anyone interested in the workings of our site this is what we're up to:

-The 'new' site is almost 100%. I am re-doing the links area this weekend. Just a few visual tweaks involved.
-Some members want to know how to delete their gallery images. I am working on this functionality
-We've had a request for a birthday mod to be installed. I was a bit shocked to find it requires the altering of 30 files!, so may be a while before I get around to that one.
-group functions are moving along (portfolio project, post cards, possible print exchange)


Now that we have a more professional looking site, I am working on getting our name out there. We are lining up a few sponsors, and I'm in talks with a few magazines about 1/6 page ads they run. 1 magazine may run us an ad in exchange for a logo on our site, the other mag has free ad space for non-profit org's like us. I have added us to photolinks.com and have been targeting other quality sites out there to get our link on. That's all I can think of for now. Oh, we had an increase of 200,000 page hits in the month of May