Hi All,

We've been hosting our server with Rackspace.com for 2yrs now and the contract is up. They have been solid but the hosting industry has changed a great deal in those 2yrs. It is now more competitive than ever, not just in price but in service. In order to cut back some costs, I have decided to move us to a new host. The new server has been ordered and will be up and running this week. I will start migrating sites to it, with APUG being the last. The new server is a higher spec so we should not have any performance issues. The new host has a solid reputation, 1hr hardware SLA, 24x7x365 phone support and more. We'll be on a month to month contract and will see how it goes. I suspect I'll migrate APUG sometime between the 23-27th. The site may have downtime of 1-2days max but with any luck 1/2 day should do it. I'll keep you posted on the progress.